Ancient Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Receive the Best!

Give the gift of a 3 to 4 hour Massage

  • To yourself-­‐ it’s time to pamper me, myself, and I!
  • To your lover-­‐ he or she will literally become renewed!
  • To your parent-­‐ who has nurtured you all these years!
  • To your best friend-­‐ who has been with you for so long!
  • To your boss-­‐ who has made it possible for your success!
  • To your pastor-­‐ Who brings the word to touch your soul…?
  • To the handicapped man or lady-­‐ who may never have such indulgence without your help! Best $288 investment on others you’ll spend!!!

The full Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is a way the therapist strokes the body with oil for the client to feel like each cell is being caressed and cared for at a deep level.

It is S-­‐L-­‐O-­‐W, very s-­‐l-­‐o-­‐ w……! It is so slow that the client finally gives up control and allows their body to drift into oblivion.

Each part of the body gets specific attention: head including ears; arms including hands and fingers; torso including shoulders, abdomen, and especially the back; legs including knees, feet and toes.


While you are here on Kauai, you will want to experience the exquisite Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. The ancient Hawaiians passed their form of massage down from generation to generation. It has only been shared with outsiders for a few decades. The full Hawaiian Lomi Lomi assists you to elongate your muscles, release tension in your joints, discover homeostasis, and feel nurtured and at peace. It is at least a 3-­‐hour massage, often 4 hours. So we suggest you seriously consider the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi while you are here. There is no better place to experience the full Hawaiian Lomi Lomi than here on The Garden Island of Kauai during your stay.

Or if you prefer you can get a taste of this wonderful massage that is charged on an hourly basis. 60 min at $95 or 90 min for $140

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is when the massage therapist really gets in touch with the client so can be of assistance in assisting the client to release the knots, soreness and tightness. Her rhythmic motions match the rhythm of the music.

“Out calls only”

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