Books by Rose Seaquill

Books by Rose Seaquill

She In Paradise; Kauai, Poetry, Paint

This 2nd Edition is about the feminine in Ohana.
Loya’s art of Kauai and Poetry about Ohana (family)

Grandma’s Art Coloring Book

Created 2016 before Rose turned 70 for her birth & life celebration.

This is excellent for ADULTS and CHILDREN alike.

To place an order for this book please text Loya at 808-651-9247

She; Experiencing Beautiful Kauai In Poetry and Paint (Volume 1)

In writing, painting, Sand crafting, flower arranging, and snapping photos for this book, I discovered in great depth the beauty of the island of Kauai in the middle of the Pacific called Kauai, Hawaii. The poems about women in my family came to me as I awakened in the morning. Here are many pages of my personal experiences enjoying women, empowering women.

Book available in Hardcover or Paperback

Shadow and Light: 2017 Savant Poetry Anthology
(Volume 6)

Sixty-four selected poems by twenty-two outstanding poets including, in order of appearance, Rose Seaquill, Bipul Banerjee, Dr. Mike, Doc Krinberg, Jock Armour, Mr. Ben, Emily Anderson, Marianne Smith, Carolina Casas, Cigeng Zhang, Thomas Koron, Mark Daniel Seiler, Dwight Armbrust Jr, Uhene, Daniel S. Janik, Lonner F. Holden, Sara Hawley, Ihar Kazak, Barbara Bailey, V. Bright Saigal, Ken Rasti and Teuta S. Rizaj.