Coming from the COLD?


The lava stones were spewn out from the center of the Mother Earth thousands of years ago with great magnetic force within each stone. Then they roll down in the rivers or creeks and also have water energy. So some lava stones are smooth, some rough.

Hawaiians have been laying hot stones on the body for healing purposes for over a century. The Hawaiians taught me to ask permission of the stones to use the stones in my healing modality, which I always do. Some stones have told me to leave the stone there. Some stones have gladly come with me to be the magnetic energy for your release.

When the stones are placed upon the human or animal body in strategic places, they may draw out the negative imprint, even from the bones, of past negative experiences. The hot/cold stones release pain, stress, & inflammation and relax a person deeper than most modalities. Lava Stone therapy feels like a dozen hands on you all at once.

Therefore, a person may feel like a heavy burden lifted from their body. A person may feel the freedom and light-­‐heartedness of a released being. It is likened to a weight being lifted from your shoulders.

Some have expressed the release of emotional abuse they had felt when children during their Lava Stone Therapy. Others have expressed after 3 sessions within a couple weeks, the clearing of their particular relationship heartache. The results often are sweet surprises or the serendipity of a NEW BEGINNING. Autumn, winter, and & spring are the ideal times of the year to request Lava Stone Therapy because of the cool weather & your willingness to go deep.

Be sure to clear your schedule for a 90minute or 2 hr. therapy session, depending upon your ability to release quickly or more slowly. Then afterward, I recommend 24 hours of drinking plenty of water, eating lightly, and meditation or being still to integrate the NEW YOU!

The cost is $160 for the 90 minute; $200 for the 2hour; or $240 for the 2.5 hour. When you want complete release & rejuvenation, Lava Stone Therapy is the overall best choice!

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