Loya’s Bio

In 1947 a mother dies in an auto accident leaving 3 children, 1 a baby girl
The baby girl feels her mother’s passion and guidance all her years
When the baby girl grows up,marries, has children who run away
She writes poetry to wipe away her sorrows and tears

When young someone important tells her she can’t draw
So classes and trials make the difference
Because of her desire she finds a way
Capturing the essence in the raw

So let us tell all our friends about peace
Pass the word on infinitely>>>>>
Dance with us to the song of the angels
All procrastination to release!

So experience joy and sorrow in poetry with her
You may discover your own creation
Be open to poems, art, crafts, and computer.
For your own satisfaction and to share!!!

Loya Whitmer LMT has a pen name for her art, poetry, & writings: Rose Seaquill.
She loves the smell of roses, lives by the sea, and uses the pen as her quill.

Massage is Loya’s passion! Even when young & her father would get migraine headaches, she would rub his head to relax and clear his headache. When Loya would stay at Grandma Leota’s over night, while Grandma would tell a bedtime story, Loya would stay awake to hear it my rubbing Grandma’s neck & shoulders.
At 21 yrs old, Loya apprenticed in a Foot Massage Clinic in Sacramento, California. At family gatherings, Loya would go around to each person who requested and massage their neck and Shoulders.

When arriving on Kauai late 1998 discovered needed a license. So took Davaki’s year of School for Massage Therapists to get Hawaii Massage license #6565. Then continued to take classes in Table Thai & Hot Stone from Isha Doellgast.

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